Why Accedo is Your Right Partner

A preferred nearshore supplier of bi-lingual customer interaction and technology services that delivers cost savings while providing high value customer experiences.

At Accedo we understand you have many choices when it comes to outsourcing. Accedo delivers value and real cost savings under the most experienced and seasoned team of managers in the Nearshore industry. Our bi-lingual, well-trained and highly motivated customer interaction employees make separate call centers for Spanish speaking customers unnecessary and, at the same time, are closely attuned to the American culture.

Our sophisticated technology center provides transformational ability to reengineer outsourced business in partnership with you and has the capacity to grow with you as your business grows. Accedo was founded in 2009 and gives you operational and technologic reliability in a stable and cost competitive environment with low attrition.

Business Process Consulting

An outstanding talent pool combined with our state of the art fully redundant technology, help us deliver high precision transitioning and unsurpassed quality of services.

Accedo will assist you with business re-engineering and business process streamlining, information technology and project management. Our consulting team is also ready to assist you in establishing your near-shore center if you decide to run your own operations.

Accedo team leaders have managed large scale projects for Fortune 500 companies and will provide support in deploying technology, adapting it to the local environment, or simply designing your in-country voice and data networks.

Our technical expertise in intelligent call routing (Cisco ICM, Genesys) and global and wide area networks is available to work with your IT organization in the planning and deployment of your near-shore IT infrastructure.

Our Cost Advantage

Move fixed costs to lower, variable cost and enable a high performance environment!

Mapa Mundi
  • Nicaragua and Colombia has a Pro-Business labor code that creates a flexible work environment
  • Accedo’s management structure and lean operations make us highly cost competitive
  • Nicaragua’s and Colombia’s nearshore locations are aligned with Central and Eastern Time Zone offers easy business interaction, reduced travel time and efficient use of your time resources

Our Competitive Strengths

We hire, train and retain great people.

Mapa Mundi
  • High value customer interaction services at cost savings
  • Near-shore location with well-educated and highly motivated work force attuned to the American culture
  • Experience in mapping and reengineering business processes enables successful transfer of client programs
  • We partner with our clients, and share outsourcing strategies and industry best practices
  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure platform
  • Supportive government offers easy business climate and flexible labor laws
  • Full compliance with U.S. regulations

We hire the best nearshore talent to deliver precision services at impressive cost savings

Our Business Model

Our business model is built around hight-end bilingual customer interaction and process oriented services, including:

B2B Sales and Marketing
    Account management and analysis
    Sales or Lending for small businesses
    Technical Support
    Customer Support
Account Servicing
    Audit and Adjustments
    Billing and Collections
    Balance sheet preperations
    Reimbursment processing
Help Desk Services
    Corporate services
    Level 1 / 2 OS, PC and Service Technologies
    Telecomunication level 1 / 2
    Telecomunication Relay Services (TRS)
E-commerce Support
    Inbound Customer services
    Reply Card Processing
    Account Verification
    Loyalty Program Servicing
E-mail and Chat
    Billing and Sales Through Chat
    Online/Offline Customer service
    Level 1 technical support
Social Network Support
    Social Media Management
    Content creation
    Social Media Design
Graphic & Web Design
    Art and Graphic design
    Copywritting and Content Management
    Web Site Optimization
    Web Design and Maintenance
Data Center and Cloud Computing
    Class III Data Center with point-to-point and MPLS connections to the US
    PCI and SSAE16 Certified
    Compliant to ISO27002 and HIPAA

Our technology infrastructure is state-of-the-art and fully redundant. Data security standards and compliance are integrated in our operations. Our associates pride themselves by far exceeding our customer service levels while augmenting your customer service experience.


Our ability to scale quickly means your savings start sooner!


Our leadership team and founders have executive level management experience from Fortune 50 US companies, retail and corporate banking operations in the Central American Region

Alejandro Graham

Roger A. Peña

Federico Gadea

David Levy

Tania Sequeira

We hire the best nearshore talent to deliver precision services at impressive cost savings

Where we Are

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