OUR MISSION We hire the best nearshore talent to deliver precision services at impressive cost savings while continually adapting to your ever changing needs.

A preferred near shore
supplier of bilingual customer interaction services that delivers cost savings while providing high value customer experiences

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Move fixed costs to lower, variable cost and enable a high performance environment!

Our Cost Advantage


Nicaragua has a Pro-Business labor code that creates a flexible work environment


Accedo’s management structure and lean operations make us highly cost competitive


Nicaragua’s nearshore location aligned with Central Time Zone offers easy business interaction, reduced travel time and efficient use of your time resources

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Our Business Model

Our business model is built around bilingual customer interaction services, including:

  • Product Information
  • Order Processing
  • Account Servicing
  • Help Desk Services
  • E-commerce Support
  • Cross Selling
  • E-mail
  • Text Messaging
  • Social Network Support
  • Web Design
  • Business Process Streamlining

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An outstanding talent pool combined with our state of the art fully redundant technology, help us deliver high precision transitioning and unsurpassed quality of services. Our Business Model

Where We Are

Accedo is founded

Construction of Accedo Park first Delivery Center begins

Completion of Accedo Park and First Delivery Center

Captioning company selects Accedo for On Line Transcription Services for the US Hearing Impaired

Center becomes PCI Certified

Fortune 100 Retailer adds Second Line of Business with 90 Credit Card Customer Care Agents

Fortune 100 Retailer adds Third Line of Business with Executive Responses Queue

Retailer 1 Renews Contract and Doubles Head Count

Accedo 2008 Accedo 2009 Accedo 2010 Accedo 2011 Accedo 2012 Accedo 2013

Accedo signs Business Alliance with Industry leading Company.

Large US Retailer Signs Contract for 70 ECommerce / Customer Care Agents

Large US Retailer Ramps to 250 FTEs

Delivery Center Ramps to 500 Agents for Holiday Season

Fortune 100 US Retailer Signs Contract for 90 Customer Care Agents

Delivery Center Ramps Down to 250 FTEs after successful Holiday Season

Major Web Seeking Portal selects Accedo for Web Software Development Pilot

Major Web Seeking Portal leaves Pilot and begins Accelerated Ramp

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We hire, train and retain great people.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • High value customer interaction services at cost savings
  • Near-shore location with well-educated and motivated work force highly attuned to U.S. culture
  • Experience in mapping and reengineering business processes enables successful transfer of client programs
  • We partner with our clients, and share outsourcing strategies and industry best practices
  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure platform.
  • Supportive government offers easy business climate
  • Full compliance with U.S. regulations

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Our ability
to scale quickly
means your savings
start sooner!


Our capability to recruit and train quickly means your programs will be implemented in a short time:

  • We have capacity to meet your immediate and long-term needs
  • We are experts in supplying ad-hoc workforce to meet your business seasonality and dynamics
  • We can roll out Pilot programs very rapidly
  • Scalability means staffing up as well as down to serve your changing needs

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Accedo guardarrancp

About Nicaragua

Accedo started operations in Managua, Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America and a nation of poets and artists. The country's people are an even greater asset than its natural splendor.

Nicaragua was selected due to its vast pool of bilingual resources and highly educated workforce. Accent neutral, Spanish language and bilingual resources have also contributed to Nicaragua becoming the fastest growing, emerging near-shore BPO destination in the world.

In addition, vast coastlines, island paradises, laid back colonial towns, and consistently high safety ratings make Nicaragua the ideal destination for our clients to enjoy their visits accompanied by the peace of mind required to do business.